14 April 2008

Drew and Allese

This week I wanted to focus on two extremely great clients. These guys are getting hitched in the next few weeks and have been amazing to work with since day one. They have known each other for a good amount of time and are definitely in love.
Sounds really cheesy...but I really enjoyed how good Drew was with her on the engagement. I have seen a lot of people interact with each other, but
I love when I see a guy hold his girls hand, open the car door for her, and bring back the "old fashioned" ways that seem to not be as important anymore sadly enough.
Gentleman: Hold her hand, open the door, be a gentleman or don't bother asking me to take your pictures.

01 April 2008

Back on the blog wagon

It was inevitable. Months went by and my lack of posts increased. It is only by popular demand that I have re-commited myself to the blog. Thanks to two great friends in the industry, I have a bet going and some high stakes are at hand ($50 plate of food).

So since food always has a been peruasive motivator, I am back on the Blog wagon.

I have decided to take a different approach and rather talk about me, I will talk about my clients because let's be honest... you all live much more exciting lives than me! With out further adue...My I bring you Whitney and Jeff...

These guys were hitched a few days ago and we had an absolute blast. Definitely made for each other... They are each others main squeeze one might say...
The wedding was perfect. Weather, planning, execution. The families treated me more like a guest than just a vendor. Thanks guys!
The Red Butte Gardens is where the reception was located. This has to be one of my favorite venues to shoot at. They are extremely professional and the ambiance is alike no other in Utah.
All in all, good times. Live, Love, and Laugh.