31 July 2007

3 wedding dresses!

I was able to have a unique shoot the other day. One of my clients came to me with a request that I don't usually get. She wanted to get some fun bridal shots and so we did up in Park City. We went to a fire station up there where she has some hook-ups and did the majority of the shoot with huge fire trucks (engines) behind her. I even convinced (with no reservation on their part) to shoot a huge stream of water behind us.

Getting to the point, Rachael also wanted to take some pictures in two other dresses. Her family has preserved not only her mom's wedding dress but also her grandma's from over 50 years ago. The best part was that she could get in all three perfectly.

Check them out!

28 July 2007

My Story-

My name is Matt Christensen. This is my story:
I am a native of Salt Lake City. I have an absolute passion for photography and have since the age of 14. I worked as a paperboy while attending junior high so that I could save money and eventually buy my own camera. I paid cash for my camera still use it on occasion today**. Fast forward 11 years and now I own and operate Christensen Photography, Inc, which was established in 2004. I currently shoot weddings as my primary source of income and average around 80 weddings per year, many out-of-state. Total shoots per year average around 300. I manage this while still allowing myself 2-3 days off per week. Why do I say this? Because I love to work and love to play.

**More details on how I got started later. If I tell it all now, what else is there to read about?

This last Thursday, we were featured on Channel 4's Good Morning Utah with reporter Christiana Brady. This is where I learned about this thing called BLOG from one of the wedding professionals that I met this week at www.weddingwishlist.com. The funny thing is that I have recommended to other photographers that they "have to have a blog" but never took my own advice. Audrey, from Studio Stems www.studiostems.com was the one who taught me about this. Beyond giving her credit for that, you should see her work. She's more than a florist, she's a complete designer with a degree in design.

This week I also learned that the photography that I have been doing for a national cook book is getting closer to being published. More on this later since it is still hush hush.

Today I am shooting a wedding in West Jordan for Shaun and Kristen. Congrats on being very in love!