30 May 2008

This last week's shoots

Some hand shots, gettin close, gettin in love.


FrontRunner almost ran us over.

02 May 2008

New addition

After not much other than finals to talk about, another great episode of The office, and maybe even how Paula on American Idol was "confused" not drunk, I thought I'd blog about something exciting and personal.
It's been almost two months since lil audrie was born. She is the first daughter of some great friends of Sarah and I. She is the most responsive infant I have ever been around. She has the looks of her mom and the stubborness of her dad. Needless to say, very proud parents...as they should be.
I don't normally do pictures other than weddings. I leave these types of shots up to the professionals. But after being in the hospital right after she was born, my emotions got to me and I petitioned that we take some infant pictures. So without further adue... I present you Audrie of three weeks.

14 April 2008

Drew and Allese

This week I wanted to focus on two extremely great clients. These guys are getting hitched in the next few weeks and have been amazing to work with since day one. They have known each other for a good amount of time and are definitely in love.
Sounds really cheesy...but I really enjoyed how good Drew was with her on the engagement. I have seen a lot of people interact with each other, but
I love when I see a guy hold his girls hand, open the car door for her, and bring back the "old fashioned" ways that seem to not be as important anymore sadly enough.
Gentleman: Hold her hand, open the door, be a gentleman or don't bother asking me to take your pictures.

01 April 2008

Back on the blog wagon

It was inevitable. Months went by and my lack of posts increased. It is only by popular demand that I have re-commited myself to the blog. Thanks to two great friends in the industry, I have a bet going and some high stakes are at hand ($50 plate of food).

So since food always has a been peruasive motivator, I am back on the Blog wagon.

I have decided to take a different approach and rather talk about me, I will talk about my clients because let's be honest... you all live much more exciting lives than me! With out further adue...My I bring you Whitney and Jeff...

These guys were hitched a few days ago and we had an absolute blast. Definitely made for each other... They are each others main squeeze one might say...
The wedding was perfect. Weather, planning, execution. The families treated me more like a guest than just a vendor. Thanks guys!
The Red Butte Gardens is where the reception was located. This has to be one of my favorite venues to shoot at. They are extremely professional and the ambiance is alike no other in Utah.
All in all, good times. Live, Love, and Laugh.

05 September 2007

Getting closer

Today I was playing a game in my mind similar to the Kevin Bacon Challenge, only tracing my clients back to see where a large portion came from. They didn't lead back to Kevin Bacon (thank goodness) but I was able to make the trace. Warning... this may be boring to most of you.

In 2005 I was able to donate some photography to a foundation focused on children with Autism. I heard about this from one of my first clients (Sorensen's) and was all over the opportunity. It was here that I met Alyse and her beautiful family as we photographed them later in the year for some Christmas cards.

A few days later, she was asked by a good friend (Michelle) who took that picture and was then forwarded her on to me. I was then hired to shoot Michelles daughter's wedding that March in Nauvoo (3 hours some direction from Chicago). After this shoot, Michelle and Alyse have since referred me to several of their other friends/neighbors allowing me to work with some of the nicest and most sincere people I have ever met. I consider these families some of my good friends.

Anyway... TO THE POINT

Michelle and Alyse called me up a few months ago and said that they had a new project for me and wanted to see if I was interested. Michelle told me that she wanted to create a cookbook that was unlike any other cookbook on the market. You'll have to wait to see it (as we are finishing up with the last 3 shoots this week) but coming from a guy who can eat but can't cook, I already have mine on reserve. This food is AMAZING! I know because I eat it as I photograph it :)

Last month Michelle had the opportunity to host a private event for the Nationally syndicated radio host Glenn Beck. He loved the food and loved the book. How's that for an unofficial, soon-to-be official endorsement. This is just the beginning. I'll let them tell the rest of their story as the website soon launches and the book releases.

I thought that I would include an image from the "how to create an intimate setting" section. Why Not?

Second Generation MCP Client

I'm not sure if that is the correct way to spell de ja vu, but I will tell you I had it. Allow me to set the stage for a moment, clear the fog if you will. A couple years back I met Morgan and Todd. These two were hilarious and out of control (people I like to associate with). Anyway, after the engagement shoot, naturally we shot her bridals at Thanksgiving Point.

>>>Now fast forward two years and I am shooting her sister's engagements and bridals. Yet again, another couple full of uncontrollable energy...and love. **This is where I had my moment of that funny french phrase no one knows how to spell. I don't know if that stage is well set, but I love a good de ja vu.

Brooke decided to also bring with her what I like to call her Women-tourage. The baby you see is Morgan and Todd's, a second generation MCP Client. Also present, Morgan and both Mom and Mom-in-law.

Thanks again for such a great shoot guys!.

24 August 2007

Grand America Show and Advice


Congrats on your upcoming event! Come and check out our website if you haven’t already booked a photographer. We are all about CANDID’S, STRESS-FREE PHOTOGRAPHY, and YOU! We are serious when we say:


We offer a variety of packages for both prints as well as magazine-style albums. You can even purchase the negatives if they are not already included in the package. Any package can be customized to fit your needs.

We invite you to come visit us tomorrow at the Grand America Bridal Show from 10-8pm. Here you will talk to the wedding professionals. Come talk to us and see what the show special is if you book tomorrow (Saturday only).

If you are still reading this, I would like to give you a couple words of advice before booking a photographer.

Hire a professional, not a relative. We have had to recreate weddings of people who hired an “friend” or even most recently a “newspaper photographer with a lot of experience.” These images are what will help you remember your wedding for the rest of your lives. If you want good sports photography. hire a sports photographer…dog’s, hire a pet photographer; but weddings are for wedding photography specialists. Think of it as an investment.

Find a photographer with whom you can communicate. This is huge when finding the right photographer. Tell them what you want, what you are like, and if they don’t want to work around that, find another! Most credible photographers should want to work around you, rather than you around them.

Ask the photographers if they have ever shot at where you are having your ceremony/reception.

Do they carry back-up equipment with them?

Do they offer any additional services?

Once again, please come visit our site and see if we qualify as your photographer.

Thank you and Good Luck!
Matt Christensen
801.832.0707 office
800.769.4522 toll free