24 August 2007

Grand America Show and Advice


Congrats on your upcoming event! Come and check out our website if you haven’t already booked a photographer. We are all about CANDID’S, STRESS-FREE PHOTOGRAPHY, and YOU! We are serious when we say:


We offer a variety of packages for both prints as well as magazine-style albums. You can even purchase the negatives if they are not already included in the package. Any package can be customized to fit your needs.

We invite you to come visit us tomorrow at the Grand America Bridal Show from 10-8pm. Here you will talk to the wedding professionals. Come talk to us and see what the show special is if you book tomorrow (Saturday only).

If you are still reading this, I would like to give you a couple words of advice before booking a photographer.

Hire a professional, not a relative. We have had to recreate weddings of people who hired an “friend” or even most recently a “newspaper photographer with a lot of experience.” These images are what will help you remember your wedding for the rest of your lives. If you want good sports photography. hire a sports photographer…dog’s, hire a pet photographer; but weddings are for wedding photography specialists. Think of it as an investment.

Find a photographer with whom you can communicate. This is huge when finding the right photographer. Tell them what you want, what you are like, and if they don’t want to work around that, find another! Most credible photographers should want to work around you, rather than you around them.

Ask the photographers if they have ever shot at where you are having your ceremony/reception.

Do they carry back-up equipment with them?

Do they offer any additional services?

Once again, please come visit our site and see if we qualify as your photographer.

Thank you and Good Luck!
Matt Christensen
801.832.0707 office
800.769.4522 toll free


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Megan Bailey said...

Hey there! It was great to really get to talk to you today! It was so much fun to be next to you guys! We had a great corner going on! Thanks for everything!