05 September 2007

Second Generation MCP Client

I'm not sure if that is the correct way to spell de ja vu, but I will tell you I had it. Allow me to set the stage for a moment, clear the fog if you will. A couple years back I met Morgan and Todd. These two were hilarious and out of control (people I like to associate with). Anyway, after the engagement shoot, naturally we shot her bridals at Thanksgiving Point.

>>>Now fast forward two years and I am shooting her sister's engagements and bridals. Yet again, another couple full of uncontrollable energy...and love. **This is where I had my moment of that funny french phrase no one knows how to spell. I don't know if that stage is well set, but I love a good de ja vu.

Brooke decided to also bring with her what I like to call her Women-tourage. The baby you see is Morgan and Todd's, a second generation MCP Client. Also present, Morgan and both Mom and Mom-in-law.

Thanks again for such a great shoot guys!.

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