24 August 2007

Grand America Show and Advice


Congrats on your upcoming event! Come and check out our website if you haven’t already booked a photographer. We are all about CANDID’S, STRESS-FREE PHOTOGRAPHY, and YOU! We are serious when we say:


We offer a variety of packages for both prints as well as magazine-style albums. You can even purchase the negatives if they are not already included in the package. Any package can be customized to fit your needs.

We invite you to come visit us tomorrow at the Grand America Bridal Show from 10-8pm. Here you will talk to the wedding professionals. Come talk to us and see what the show special is if you book tomorrow (Saturday only).

If you are still reading this, I would like to give you a couple words of advice before booking a photographer.

Hire a professional, not a relative. We have had to recreate weddings of people who hired an “friend” or even most recently a “newspaper photographer with a lot of experience.” These images are what will help you remember your wedding for the rest of your lives. If you want good sports photography. hire a sports photographer…dog’s, hire a pet photographer; but weddings are for wedding photography specialists. Think of it as an investment.

Find a photographer with whom you can communicate. This is huge when finding the right photographer. Tell them what you want, what you are like, and if they don’t want to work around that, find another! Most credible photographers should want to work around you, rather than you around them.

Ask the photographers if they have ever shot at where you are having your ceremony/reception.

Do they carry back-up equipment with them?

Do they offer any additional services?

Once again, please come visit our site and see if we qualify as your photographer.

Thank you and Good Luck!
Matt Christensen
801.832.0707 office
800.769.4522 toll free


09 August 2007


The last little while I have been telling myself to get out and do a little hiking. It's a hard thing to do during the peak season with weddings but this morning I decided to actually do it. I had plans to go with a buddy of mine but he had to bail last minute because of work. So I changed locations and headed up another canyon that was a few miles closer.

It was early and to be honest, it was the first time I have been cold since February. As I was hiking, I saw in the distance what seemed to be a few coyotes or fox's hanging out on a pile of stones that was in the form of a den. My eyes decieve me horribly in the morning so I walked up closer and found that my little den was filled with pot-gut's (fat squirrels if you are not from Utah).

Anyway, I continued my hike and just enjoyed the beauty that surrounded me. We are extremely blessed in Utah. Fatique set in and I made my way back to the car to head home. On my way back, I noticed two very dark animals on a hillside just grazing. I thought maybe some stray cattle until I got a little closer and realized that they were Moose. They were Ginormous. Anyway, the rest can't be explained with words, other than I have made two new friends high in the mountains, both of which let me even take their picture. Enjoy.

08 August 2007

New addition- Baby Adelin

Congrat's to the Sanders family! Baby Adelin was born just 3 weeks ago. We took her to the exact same location where we did this couple's engagement pictures 2 years ago to the date...give or take a couple days.

Adelin is one of those baby's that was born cute, rather than some that have to grow into it. Sounds rude, but we have all seen the Seinfeld episode with the baby...."Jerry, when are you going to come see the baby?"

Anyway, beautiful healthy baby to a family that deserves such. Congrat's guys :)

06 August 2007

Oakland Wedding

I finished up the week with an amazing shoot in Oakland for Janelle and Adam (both natives of CA). These have to be two of the coolest people in the world and fortunately, for them, they found each other. Guess their kids will be cool too. Stellar families; I really enjoyed working with both of them.

It was hot, but ya gotta love CA sunshine. Its therapy for me. The first shot I noticed right as I pulled in and had to take it. I have shot here before but never saw this angle.

We took our sweet time shooting in the heat. Their are numerous spots to shoot at this temple and I wish we would have had two more hours. You have to be creative with the light and use it rather than fight it. Shade here is a rarity, nevertheless, ample spots for ample shots.

I was really happy to see the bride and groom want to take a lot of pictures with the wedding party at the Temple. We spent a good 30 min just with the wedding party and took some fun pictures. Good smiling chicken man.

The reception was perfectly executed. Every detail was noticed and far from overlooked! The shot shows the Oakland Temple taken at night. I made a special trip the night before I left to get some night shots so that they could put them in their album.
Congrats guys!

Antelope Shoot

Last week was an amazing week for the company. We started off with a bridal at Antelope Island. This bride (Candice) is being married in Hawaii to one of the coolest gentleman in the world, in less than a month; so as for her bridals we brought her to the closest thing in Utah to keep her theme consistant with the photographs to be taken in Hawaii. She was able to purchase some ankle jewelry that added a nice touch with the sand between the toes.

We had finished the shoot after the sun had set and were able to take these last three images before we packed up. Candice brought her family with her (great friends of ours) which made the shoot go smoothe! Thanks for your help guys :)