30 May 2008

This last week's shoots

Some hand shots, gettin close, gettin in love.


FrontRunner almost ran us over.


Luke and Rachel Mendenhall said...

Hey Matt, it's Rachel Noel Mendenhall just thought I'd check up on your website since it'd been a while and I noticed you've jumped on the blog wagon so I thought I'd say hi... your pictures are just as great as ever by the way. Hope all is well.

James & Shawn said...

Hi Matt! It was great to see you the other day :) I told you I would comment on your blog and harrass you for not updating enough - so here is my harrassment! It looks like things are going great for you. We really need to get together for a barbeque - and I am being serious. Maybe when your busy summer dies down :)

Megan Bailey - Pink Piggy said...

Matt- last post was in May? hu oh! Audrey is going to be mad:) Hope to see you at the show this weekend!