02 May 2008

New addition

After not much other than finals to talk about, another great episode of The office, and maybe even how Paula on American Idol was "confused" not drunk, I thought I'd blog about something exciting and personal.
It's been almost two months since lil audrie was born. She is the first daughter of some great friends of Sarah and I. She is the most responsive infant I have ever been around. She has the looks of her mom and the stubborness of her dad. Needless to say, very proud parents...as they should be.
I don't normally do pictures other than weddings. I leave these types of shots up to the professionals. But after being in the hospital right after she was born, my emotions got to me and I petitioned that we take some infant pictures. So without further adue... I present you Audrie of three weeks.

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emily said...

Matt-I just saw that you posted this! I love what you wrote and hope you know that she loves her uncle matt and we are so grateful for you for taking those pictures!